Barney Walker

Fish have intrigued me since a very early age, which goes some way to explaining the many aquariums I’ve had, and the unique fish illustrations and sculptures I design and create!

We have so much yet to learn about fish, the group of animals that alone contains more species than all of the other vertebrates combined. It is likely there are hundreds, if not thousands, of undiscovered fish species deep in the seas around Earth. Indeed: more people have walked on the moon than have been to the bottom of our deepest ocean.

It is this that has inspired me to imagine, create and illustrate some new “species”, combined with a humorous twist. In the oceans, anything is possible, free from the constraints of life on land.

I grew up in Waikato, New Zealand before escaping to Wellington in my early twenties. There I completed a Bachelor of Science in zoology, genetics, and molecular biology. I have two children who are coming to the back end of their teens. Both have survived their dad’s obsession with fish and although would not dare to admit it in public, have enjoyed my fish creations.

Barney Walker

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