Richard Coldicutt

Dr Richard Coldicutt (Arts practitioner, academic and educator
with a professional career that spans over four decades).

PhD (Philosophy) MCA (ART: Research) Master Creative Art; Painting, Sculpture BA (Hons) Cert. Graphic Design

From an early education in Graphic Design I pursued a career in illustration and painting featuring sell-out exhibitions in airbrushed photorealism.

After moving to Perth Western Australia in the early 90s I began an extensive academic career studying and lecturing in the Arts across the University of Western Australia and Curtin University.

On my return to New Zealand, I relinquished lecturing commitments to focus exclusively on my own art production.
My art practice moves freely between drawing, painting, sculpture, print, writing and photography.

Works featured with Art Collective include my latest series ‘Coastal Landscapes in Watercolour’.
In many ways this is a return to the subject of my early airbrush works with the added inherent challenges of watercolour.
Watercolour connects seamlessly to this landscape where both subject and medium share a fluid spontaneity; fleeting moments of brilliance and constant change that challenge and thwart the best intent to predict and control.

Also featured with Art Collective are Life works selected from an extensive collection compiled from a history of working and teaching the challenging techniques of drawing and painting directly from live models.

My current practice focuses on large narrative works in oils and continue to explore the power of art as an instrument for cultural critique, tempered and tested through representations of the contemporary body.

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Showing 1–24 of 25 results