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With over 100 New Zealand Artists curating within our gallery there is thousands of art prints to explore. 

We are always on the look out for talented New Zealand Artists to work with. If you think your art would be a great fit with us then please get in touch by filling out our contact form – we would love to hear from you!


Featured artist

Hiriwā Digital Art

1 Print = 1 Native Tree

When you choose one of our prints, you’re not just acquiring a beautiful piece of art; you’re also giving back to nature. Every print sold leads to the planting of at least one native tree. It’s a simple equation: art purchased = tree planted. We hope that every time you see one of our prints on your wall, it reminds you of the life it represents and the good you’ve done. Revitalise your home with art that reforests the natural world, one tree at a time.


Featured artist

Lauren Morley

Farming has been a way of life from a young age growing up in Wiltshire, UK. It has been the tool to allow me to study, travel and see some beautiful places around the world, thus cows are a big part (although not all!) of my work. I adore the way cows interact with you and each other – a unique animal.

With no formal art training, selling a painting had never been on my radar until I hopped on a plane and flew half way across the world to the remote King Island, Tasmania, Australia on my working holiday visa in 2017. In between milking cows, I was very gratefully taken under the wing of the incredibly talented artist, Marilyn Chapman who so kindly gave me a platform to put some work out there in her cafe/gallery.. Since then I have left a little trail around Australia, the UK and New Zealand.


Featured artist

Kay Olsen

Creating art from flowers so they last longer than a week in a vase. Wanting to keep the beautiful bright blooms longer than a week in a vase Kay started experimenting with pressing and drying the flowers. Using the flowers and other botanicals from her garden or found locally, Kay now creates her art in a studio barn on the property. Starting with one small flower press to make frames for family and friends, there are now numerous presses ensuring a constant supply of flowers to create the artwork.

Expertly Curated

We believe in easy access to things that are not only beautiful but also goof for our mind, body and spirit. Finding the right art for your home comes with a team working behind the scenes to make sure they offer you the best quality, service and advice to help you make the perfect choice. Easy as!


Each piece is printed with care and a generous sprinkle of passion resulting in an artwork worthy of gracing the walls of your home. Having worked with these artists over the past years, it remains a delight and privilege to be one of the first people to witness the birth of the next creation. 


We finish all our framed artworks with a stylish taped backing to protect the print from dust and condensation. 


Each framed artwork comes ready to hang with a string on the back. 

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