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With over 100 New Zealand Artists curating within our gallery there is thousands of art prints to explore. 

We are always on the look out for talented New Zealand Artists to work with. If you think your art would be a great fit with us then please get in touch by filling out our contact form – we would love to hear from you!


Featured artist

Pierre Cilliers

Pierre is an Auckland based photographer and artist. His passion for photography started at the age of 15 in South Africa. Photographing African wildlife became his favourite hobby. Nowadays, if he’s not looking through a camera lens you will find him enjoying his new found interests of silversmithing and painting. “I’m enjoying this new creative side of myself which I never knew I had”.


Featured artist

Leilani Robinson

Leilani is a self-taught artist who enjoys a variety of art media. For the last three years she has been teaching art to children as an afterschool activity. At home she loves to use her spare time, put on music and paint away.

Her inspiration comes from photos taken on trips or just to take up a brush and try out an idea. Leilani’s focus is to enjoy art either in its most simple form of just a line or more complex building up of layers to a beautiful result.


Featured artist

Angus Collis

Angus Collis exhibits nationally in New Zealand and internationally. Often the paintings are scrubbed back and blurred or overprinted with material blotted onto the canvas or paper to transfer textures and patterns. These techniques are used within the traditional concerns of light, colour,composition, and perspective. His paintings can be read on several levels. Through the beauty of his colour and image he lets you see the world according to his perspective, and yet…“Dysphoria ( a general feeling of unease). This applies particularly well to Angus’s body of paintings, all of which seem unsettling, unreal impressions of place. 

Expertly Curated

We believe in easy access to things that are not only beautiful but also goof for our mind, body and spirit. Finding the right art for your home comes with a team working behind the scenes to make sure they offer you the best quality, service and advice to help you make the perfect choice. Easy as!


Each piece is printed with care and a generous sprinkle of passion resulting in an artwork worthy of gracing the walls of your home. Having worked with these artists over the past years, it remains a delight and privilege to be one of the first people to witness the birth of the next creation. 


We finish all our framed artworks with a stylish taped backing to protect the print from dust and condensation. 


Each framed artwork comes ready to hang with a string on the back. 

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