Vanessa Redfern

I never thought I could paint. True story.
I've been arty since I could hold a pencil, but paint? No.
I was 38 in fact, when I discovered the happy news.
My life then took a pleasing turn and I left a job I didn't love, to live life often in front of a canvas.
Nature is my happy place, beaches especially, but any place of beauty, where one feels wild and fresh breezes on one's soul. The opportunity to paint these is a privilege.
People often say my brushwork's look like photos, but I assure you they're all hand painted, beginning with a blank canvas... one brushstroke at a time.
In 2020 I learned to create a unique style of acrylic pouring, which added a satisfying sense of freedom to my art journey.
The whimsical forms of acrylic pouring allow the imagination also, to flow.

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