Sarah Buchanan

Sarah Buchanan is an emerging artist based on a farm in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Although she dabbled in art as a child, she initially pursued a different path in life and qualified in law, specializing in Intellectual Property law. After living and working in the United Kingdom, she returned to her roots in New Zealand.
Currently, Sarah primarily works with watercolor paints and incorporates gold leaf into her art. The combination of these mediums produces vivid and harmonious forms that exude vitality and movement. She has a deep appreciation for color, texture, pattern, and whimsy, which she skillfully combines with structural elements in her artwork.
Sarah's artistic style is primarily abstract, with each piece coming together through an alchemy of color, paint, water, and movement. There is no predetermined formula for her creations; rather, they organically evolve, allowing the final image to reveal itself.
Inspiration strikes Sarah when she encounters things that are meticulously crafted, touched by the human hand, and possess a sense of timelessness. These elements resonate with her, fueling her creative journey.
Through her art, Sarah aims to evoke emotions and connect with viewers on a profound level. Each piece is a unique reflection of her perspective, showcasing her passion for exploring the intersection between imagination and reality.
Visit Sarah's profile to explore her captivating artwork and discover the joy and inspiration that her creations bring. Experience the vibrancy, depth, and liveliness of her pieces, and bring home a truly original work of art that will enrich any space.

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